Online Slot Machine Strategy Guide

Online Slot Machine Strategy Guide

Although online slots are simple to play, there are different tactics and strategies that every slot player can utilize to help to enhance their play. The slot strategies that we offer will help ensure that you’re able to make the most out of your gambling experience. There’s no way to control whether or not you’ll win when playing a slot machine, but there are ways to improve your chances of cashing and extend your playing time.

Play In Free Mode

There are a lot of different types of machines. Some people like playing just one certain machine, while others enjoy going from one kind of slot to another. The great thing is that you can get to know how various types of slots play without spending one penny.

Shop around and get to know as many different machines as you like in their free play modes. This will help you find what are the best slot machines for you. There’s nothing wrong with playing a Classic 3-reel with one payline. It may not be as sexy as one of those ultra hi-tech, 5-reel video slots with amazing graphics, 80 paylines and a massive bonus round. But you may find the simplicity and directness of the 3-reel Classic fun, relaxing, and even profitable. If you like it, play it.

Use the free mode for as long as you’d like. This will give you every opportunity to discover all aspects of the machine, including how bonus rounds work and features triggered by various symbols and combinations. Doing so will give you every chance to make the most out of your gaming experience when you’re spending and playing for real money.

Budget And Bankroll Management

Bankroll management is important. Too many people lose track of how much they are spending on the slot machine they’re playing. It is essential to plan how much you’re willing to risk on a playing session and only play with cash that you can afford to lose. You must be ready to lose your cash even though you may actually end up making money. After all, you are playing a game of chance and you want to be realistic about the risks you are taking.

Also, make sure that you play a machine that you can afford. The fact is there is an online slot machine for everyone no matter what your budget may be. You may want to play the progressive with that huge and constantly growing jackpot, but if you can’t afford it, then forego that machine and find one that you can afford and enjoy.

In managing your bankroll, take time to determine how many spins you will get before you run out of cash for that session. As an example, if you have $50.00 to spend during a playing session, and the max bet is $1.00, you’ll have 50 spins. However, if you play a slot with a maximum bet of $2.50, you’ll have just 20 spins at your disposal. The machine with the higher max will usually offer a bigger payout and more chances to win than the one with the lower maximum. But it will use up your cash more quickly.

As a player, you need to decide if you’d rather have more spins and more chances of winning or, perhaps, the opportunity to win more cash per spin. The bottom line is more spins give you more playing time and more of an opportunity to hit winning combinations. In the long run, the $1.00 machine is more appropriate for your $50.00 budget than the $2.50, as it offers you more control over your cash flow.

Play as Many Spins as Possible

Play as Many Spins as Possible

When you figure out your budget play a machine that will give you a lot of spins for your cash. If you only have $10, that’s fine. You can play a machine for 10 cents a spin and get 100 spins or you can play for a nickel and get 200 spins.

The other option is to use that $10 and enter a slots tournament where you will get value in terms of how many spins you receive for that amount of cash. Plus, in slots tournaments you do have a chance of winning some money by ranking high on the results table.

Have Fun Or Walk Away

You should be playing slot machines for one specific reason—to have fun. Don’t play to make enough money to pay the rent, or as some sort of investment strategy, or to make a million bucks on one spin. If that’s your primary reason for playing slot machines, you probably won’t have a good time.

Look at online slots for what they are—a fun and exciting form of entertainment that may also offer you a profit if you are lucky. If you don’t see slots in this way, you won’t have any fun at all. In fact, you’ll probably have a bad time. The right attitude is important when playing slots. Then, if you do hit the jackpot, it’s not an expected result but it’s certainly a welcomed one.

Playing Progressives

Progressive slot machines offer huge payouts. Some progressive jackpots can reach over $1 million! Progressive slots are linked together and a percentage of every wager in each of those linked slots goes into the progressive payout. Thousands of machines are connected together and any one of them may hit the massive jackpot at anytime.

If you are going to play a progressive, read all instructions and guidelines associated with that machine. Most progressives will not payout the full jackpot unless you wager the maximum amount. If you are not going to bet the full amount, then it does not make sense to play a progressive. You’re better off playing a machine that provides a big payout that is easier to hit, and that costs less per spin.

Useful Playing Techniques

Slots Strategy - Useful Playing Techniques

There are some effective playing techniques that you can use to increase your enjoyment, playing time, and possibility of winning. These include:

  • Take your time playing. Check the results of each turn.
  • Track your spins and once you play through your stake determine your situation. If you have a profit and you’re happy with that then walk away.
  • Another strategy if you have won cash after going through your stake, is to preserve the profit and just play with your original stake.
  • Vary the amount you bet, upping it by a credit when you win and lowering to your original amount as soon as you lose.
  • Play slots with a return rate of 96 to 100 cents on every dollar spent
  • If you get tired, get stuck on automatic pilot, or start to become frustrated, it is time to take a break. Walk away!

All Or Nothing May Equal Nothing

Often slot machines offer players a choice after a bonus round of multiplying what they’ve made or losing it all. Players may be asked to choose from two or three colors, numbers, or objects or they may be given two sets of choices with each offering two possible selections. In either case, a player must make the correct choice or choices to multiply their prize. This is considered to be a very risky bet. Remember, if you’re not right, you lose everything you’ve gained. Make this bet at your own risk.

Remember That It’s Playtime

Find the best slot machines for your playing style and budget, play for fun, and pace yourself. These are the best things that you can do to ensure you have a pleasurable experience and possibly profit when playing online slots. Keep it light and have a great time!

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