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Online Gambling VIP/High Roller Sites

Do you want to join one or more of the various online gambling VIP sites that you’ll find at If you’re a high roller in the US, you definitely need to become a member of a casino that offers VIP status.

If your present casino does not have an active VIP/High Roller program, then you’re missing out on a wide range of benefits that you can enjoy throughout the year. Consider all that you can earn from your high stakes play, and get ready to cash in on the fact that you are a high roller.

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What Is A VIP Gambling Site?

Online gambling VIP sites offer players very active and aggressive programs focused on rewarding high rollers. They provide those high rollers with various exclusive benefits related to rewards, accessibility, and service. The more you bet, the more benefits and perks you’ll receive.

Many US player online VIP gambling sites will offer three or four tiers of VIP status. The top tier gets the most privileges and exclusive deals. Still, even a low rung VIP player will get certain rewards that those who wager standard amounts will never see.

To be a VIP player, you’ll need to be betting at the very least $500 per month, with many programs not recognizing high roller status until a player consistently wagers $750 to $1,000 monthly. If you’re the type of bettor who gambles more than $1,000 monthly, you’re bound to find a rewarding VIP program from which you can benefit.

Earning Points and Credits

Online gambling VIP sites award members points whenever they place a bet. The number of points you earn per month determines your status. A common breakdown you may find would be:

  • 10,000 VIP Points Bronze
  • 25,000 VIP Points Silver
  • 50,000 VIP Points Gold

Individual online VIP gambling sites determine how points are awarded, what they designate, and what the actual levels are. Many online gambling sites that welcome US players will award extra VIP points when you bet during certain times, on specific days, or on certain games.

Always read the fine print regarding any VIP/High Roller program so that you can get the maximum benefit and exploit its potential to the fullest. Make sure that you get everything that you can from your online VIP gambling site.

Benefits Of Being A High Roller

If you’re involved in high roller gambling and you join the right online casino, you’re going to reap many benefits. As you build up VIP points, you’ll have access to special betting privileges that include much higher maximums and the ability to make larger deposits and withdrawals.

Plus, you’ll earn the biggest bonuses and be able to use your VIP points to add to your betting power or, if there’s an online casino store, to purchase various items. Deposit bonuses may range from 100% on up to $2,000 to 400% on a $1,000 deposit. Of course, you’ll need to qualify for the bonuses by meeting certain play through amounts associated with the VIP program.

Also, many gambling online high roller sites provide those players who reach the highest VIP level special access to certain rooms and games that others are not allowed to play. These games are designed for those who love to bet a lot on one spin of the wheel, roll of the dice, or flip of the card. It’s an exclusive club that offers generous perks.

We Have The Best Sites For VIPs

Online gambling VIP sites offer high rollers a wealth of benefits. If you’re interested in real money VIP gambling and are a US player, we have the sites that are perfect for you. See our list of quality casino choices and take advantage of being a deep pocket gambler. Get the most you can from your large bankroll.

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