Online Roulette USA 2024

RouletteRoulette is the king of the American casino: it's fast, social and fun, and gives players a great thrill as the ball comes to a stop on the spinning wheel.

The best news in 2024 is that you can enjoy legal roulette gambling at home on your PC or Mac.

Don't worry about driving across the United States to find a brick 'n' mortar casino. Just turn on the computer and take out your Visa card to enjoy real-cash roulette from the comfort of your own home.

Whether it's a leading global casino online or one of the new legal American roulette gambling websites, we test them all.

We review the best online roulette sites for US players:

  • Enjoy American or European Roulette. It's your choice
  • You control the roulette gambling action
  • No need to wait for a seat to open
  • Play in a range of US dollar stakes
  • Qualify for a top USA real cash deposit bonus
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The Benefits of Online Roulette

Playing online roulette in the United States is so easy: find a top casino in 2024 that accepts US players and take your pick from dozens of tables.

The best casinos will offer games at a variety of stakes and with the latest software and top graphics. And there's no need to rush putting chips on the felt. Just take your time and click 'Spin' when you are ready to go.

Different Roulette Gambling Variations

The beauty of playing online roulette gambling USA games is that you can take advantage of your computer's power every time you play.

Internet gambling roulette casinos stretch their software to the max to bring you the most exciting variants you can think of. And that's a little more than just boring old American Roulette.

American, and even European, Roulette is available at any US roulette gambling casino worth its cherry in 2024. The same rules apply: just pick your numbers or sections, drag and drop the chips and when you are ready, click 'Spin'. You don't have to wait for a croupier to call 'no more bets' because the action is ready to go when you are.

American Roulette comes with the extra 00 slot while the European format has just the single zero. French Roulette, meanwhile (a variant you will rarely find at a brick n' mortar US casino) has a neat insurance bet option called 'La Partage' which lets you win half your stake back if the green single zero comes up.

Online, roulette variants are everywhere. Multiplayer Roulette lets you and up to four players (and even spectators) crowd round a table. It's just like being at a real-life table in the United States. Rather than getting to decide when to hit the Spin button like in traditional online roulette, you need to wait for the dealer to wave ‘no more bets’ before seeing that wheel spin. There's even a chat box so you can trade jokes with your fellow gamblers.

Three-Wheel, or MultiWheel, Roulette is an Internet sensation that lets you bet on multiple roulette wheels at the same time.

Like Three-Wheel, MultiBall is one of those games that utilize the web setup well. Multi-Ball has up to three balls spun around the same wheel. It adds up to more action and more betting.

If you are bored of betting on red and black, why not try blue and yellow too? That is what you will find in Premier Roulette Diamond Edition. You can bet on different colors and it opens up the betting massively.

If you are hankering after some live casino action, why not try out Live Dealer Roulette?

Live Dealer Roulette lets you play on a real-life roulette table with a real-life croupier spinning the wheel. Chat with the dealer, ask questions and experience the same thrill as a top Vegas casino, all via a webcam feed.

Finally, one of the newer variations is Card Roulette, which blends the excitement of roulette with the thrill of cards. The slots on the wheel are taken up by 54 cards (the normal 52 plus the jokers). Simply bet on which card the ball will 'land' in.

Understanding the House Edge

Every gambling roulette game has a house edge. In a nutshell, the house edge is the statistical advantage that the casino holds over you when you play.

For example, on an American Roulette wheel there are 38 spots (36 numbers plus the 0 and 00). Therefore, hitting a single number should pay 38/1. However, the casino only pays out 35/1 on a number. The difference is the house edge.

American Roulette has a house edge of 5.26 percent but in European Roulette, having just the single zero drastically reduces the house edge to 2.7 percent.

You can see, therefore, that playing European (if available) instead of the USA version is the way to go.

Trusting US 2024 Roulette Casinos

Wherever you play in the USA, make sure your chosen gambling roulette Internet room has the proper security in place.

Good rooms with roulette gambling will have the latest SSL security to ensure all financial transactions are protected, and RNGs (Random Number Generators) will be regularly audited and tested to ensure a totally fair game. Who wants to play online roulette not knowing if the wheel is rigged or not?

Find Great Gambling Roulette With

There is no need to worry about security with our choice picks. We test and compare lots of gambling roulette websites for our US readers so we can fill our guide with just the very best.

With our reviews you will be up and winning real money at online roulette in no time. The only decision you will have to make is what to do with all the lovely cash.

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