Best Online Gambling In The US 2024

Online gambling has been around in the USA since the mid-'90s and its popularity shows no signs of waning anytime soon.

In 2024 US gambling is bigger than ever, and despite various attempts by the authorities to curb the enthusiasm of hard-gamblin' Americans everywhere, there are more places to enjoy gambling sites online than ever.

Having a huge choice can be as much a problem as it can be a convenience, however. With so many online gambling USA rooms available, where do you even start? Luckily, at we have all bases covered.

Read reviews and comparisons to top US online gambling sites:

Online Gambling In The US
  • The best legal casinos and poker rooms
  • Safe and secure real-money action at dozens of sites
  • Play on your smartphone or tablet
  • Get the skinny on US legislation in 2024
  • Get the best welcome bonuses when you join
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Is Online Gambling Safe?

Yes it is, and the sites that we list at go through rigorous controls. Our team works to:

Choose sites that operate in trusted jurisdictions
Check that deposits and withdrawals are speedy
Ensure the site requires proper ID for transactions
Verify that the site has an excellent reputation amongst players
Review the site to ensure it matches our high standards

Why Online Gambling Rocks

If you live miles from a local American brick 'n' mortar casino getting your gambling fix can be hard. That's why USA gambling on the net is so good.

In 2024 you can find gambling sites that offer slots, roulette, blackjack, craps, poker or sports betting. Whatever you want to play, there will be a website offering real money games.

As well as the convenience of gambling sites (fire up the PC or Mac laptop in the family room or the smartphone on the train to work) you will also find some great promo offers for loyal customers, plus a great welcome bonus when you sign up.

Our team of US gambling nuts have been around a while and we know where to hunt out the best US gambling sites deals, so come along with us for the ride. You definitely won't regret it.

A Brief History of Gambling in America

Gambling and the United States go together like hash browns and grits. Immigrants from across the world have settled in the USA, bringing with them various games that have become mainstays of casinos and cardrooms across the country.

Poque and roulette from France became Poker and Roulette as we know it already, while the 19th century steamboats took river gamblers up and down the great Mississippi to gamble away their fortunes.

In the 20th century, while many states installed Puritanical anti-gaming laws, Nevada forged ahead with legal US gambling rooms to become the Sin City it is today.

Elsewhere in the USA, legal poker clubs rub shoulders with racetracks, but rarely do states offer the whole gamut of gaming activity.

Online Gambling In The USA and UIGEA

That was until the first online casino and betting sites appeared in the 1990s. Taking the travel and effort out of gaming, these new rooms offered American players the chance to bet on-line from the comfort of their own rooms.

With so many archaic laws existing around the USA, and no firm legislation in place on a federal level, gambling sites continued to take US bets.

But in 2006, UIGEA (the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) made it extremely difficult for United States players to make real money deposits at Internet gambling sites, and an effective 'ban' on gambling was enforced. But it didn’t last long.

New Regulation in the United States

While many attempts continue to be made to introduce one all-encompassing federal law on gambling online, USA states are starting to go it alone and introduce intra-state regulation of their own.

In 2024 Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey all offer properly licensed and regulated casino and betting sites open to players living within their borders. If successful, and if the tax revenue becomes too good to pass up, expect many other states to follow suit.

For online gambling USA players living outside those states, as long as you don't live in a state that has outright banned Internet gambling, there is nothing to stop you enjoying betting on the net.

A federal US gambling bill may be light years away but at least we are seeing the green shoots of state-to-state Internet betting.

What To Look For in Top US Gambling Sites

Decided which game you want to play? That's good, now what?

Well, you need to find US gambling websites that offer good security and top software. Plus, you need some great customer support so you can contact the site with any problems you may have. If their response times disappoint, you probably won't be betting with them again.

Games and security are just the start of your online gambling USA journey, though. With payment processing still a huge issue in America you need to find gambling sites that let you deposit US currency with a wide range of payment options and with the lowest fees around.

We Find the Very Best USA Gambling Rooms

Tracking down top gambling sites to enjoy a bet or two is what we are all about. Our crack team of experts reviews and compiles ratings on a whole heap of websites to find you the best comparisons.

If it's the biggest poker room in the world for US players, we have it. If it's the casino with the widest range of slots, we have that too. And if you're worried about which deposit method will cause you the least amount of hassle, we have a lowdown on the best banking options available in 2024.

Check out the many pages here and find online gambling USA players can be proud of.

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