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Live Dealer Blackjack

In the world of online gambling, Live Dealer Blackjack is a major attraction for players who love 21. With online US Live Dealer gambling opportunities being proven to be exceptionally thrilling, more and more casinos are offering online blackjack in the live mode. If you have never played Live Dealer Blackjack and you enjoy this simple but challenging game, then you must play it live once. After you do, you’ll want to engage in the Live Dealer version again and again.

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What Is Live Dealer Blackjack?

With Live Dealer Blackjack, you’ll play with a real croupier who will deal your cards on an actual blackjack table. The dealer will ask you if you want to hit or stand, double down or split your pairs. They’ll also acknowledge your bets, make note of your cards and totals, explain when you win and lose, and interact with you in every manner that a dealer at a land-based casino would. The experience of online US Live Dealer gambling can’t be beat if you want to access the real casino feeling and atmosphere when at home.

System Requirements and Options

Live Dealer Blackjack for US players is accessible online at many quality casinos. There is no mobile access to this mode of play due to the fact that APPs for online casinos can only provide a small number of games, which have much simpler features. System requirements vary, however if you are gambling online, live dealer casinos often accommodate both Mac and PC users and make their live play games available in both download and flash versions.

Hardware requirements commonly include the following:

  • PC with Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz, AMD Athlon 3000 or faster processor (or an equivalent) with at minimum of 2 GB of memory RAM, or Apple/Mac with Intel Core™ 2 Duo or a faster processor with at a minimum requirement of 2 GB of memory RAM
  • 10 GB available on Hard Drive
  • Network Bandwidth: 512 Kbps with 750 Kbps recommended
  • Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768
  • Pop-up blockers must be deactivated
  • 16 MB Video Card (1280×800 or higher resolution, 16-bit color)

PC System and Browser Requirements

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or newer
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or better or Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or better or Safari 4.0 or better
  • Flash Player 10.0 or above

Apple/Mac System and Browser Requirements

  • Operating System: OS® X 10.8.x or newer
  • Safari 4.0 or better or Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or better
  • Flash Player 10.0 or above

Playing Live Dealer Blackjack

It’s easy enough to start playing Live Dealer Blackjack. Simply join an appropriate casino, fund your account, and access the Live Dealer mode. You will be able to start playing instantly.

Be aware that if you are online gambling, Live Dealer Blackjack will not play as quickly as computer-generated versions. That’s due to the fact that live dealers, who are handling real playing cards, are a bit slower than software dealers. Also, in this mode of play, players tend to take a bit longer to make decisions regarding what they should do.

Ultimately, the human interaction element naturally gives the game a more leisurely feel. Players in the USA who go to brick and mortar casinos tend to like this real money/real time wagering experience.

Tips For Playing 21 Live

The first thing you should to do before you launch the online gambling Live Dealer mode is make sure you have enough time to play. Opening the live mode takes a bit or time and, once it is open and the Live Dealer is present, you don’t want to play for a few seconds and rush off. That defeats the whole purpose of the Live Dealer experience.

Also, prior to playing Live Dealer Blackjack make sure that you know all of the basic blackjack rules, strategy and options, as well as the casino’s house rules. Go into the session knowing how much you have in your account and how much you’re willing to risk. Set limits for your online gambling live dealer session before playing, including totally losses you’re willing to endure, how much you’ll bet on each spin, and when you will quit once you’re ahead.

Stick to these parameters. Too many bettors stay around too long when they are ahead and lose their winnings and more, or they end up losing their stake and then bet even more, just to lose again. Set limits and adhere to them.

When you engage with your Live Dealer have fun but be polite, courteous, and friendly. Behave properly, as, in essence, you are in a social setting that is very similar to a land-based casino.

Where To Find This Game

If you’d like to enjoy something unique in terms of online gambling, Live Dealer Blackjack has a lot to offer. There’s the real money, live play that allows you to interact with the croupier, the real-feel of non-computer-controlled play, and the natural pace of a land-based blackjack table.

To find topnotch online US Live Dealer Blackjack casinos, see our listings for American players. Blackjack is the most popular casino table game in the world, and in the world of online gambling Live Dealer 21 provides players with a premium gaming experience.

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